My 3 children

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With a newborn its easy to overlook things. I find my usually very programmed lifestyle getting shot to pieces. I knew it would, it's just different when it actually happens. I have to take calming breaths and tell myself that this too shall pass :). (Maybe it will take 5 years but it will pass). The lack of schedule and organization allows me to forget all KINDS of things. For example, since sleep is my primary objective when I have any quiet time, I often forget to feed the cat, finish the laundry that got started, do the dishes ... all in the name of rushing off to bed for just a few short minutes of sleep. This means my house is worse than it's usual disarray ... Anyway, the point of this post is not to commiserate about my lack of sleep (again, I knew it was coming) or talk about how off my game I am. Rather, I'd like to highlight that in my perpetual state of doing only what's urgent (who ever is crying at the moment), I've forgotten a very important member of our family: Andre, our "first" child.

Andre has subtle (and not so subtle) ways of getting my attention. He'll attempt to snuggle himself between Benjamin and I during a nursing session; he will walk right through the middle of family dinner ... He will sleep on my chest with his nose RIGHT IN MY FACE so that I awake to big cat eyes. All of this is his way of saying I'M HERE TOO ... DON'T FORGET ME!!!

During my lunch on Monday, he had had enough ... It was blistering hot (we hadn't put in the window a/c yet), the babies had been very fussy, and I was short on sleep. I had finally had a chance to eat something (lunch at 1:00 p.m. was my first food intake of the day) and I was famished. I sat down to a well balanced spread :) and began to inhale. I had forgotten a spoon, and when I left, Andre jumped up on the table to inspect my food. When I returned, this is what I found:

[caption id="attachment_207" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="My 3rd Child"][/caption]

I started to get mad and throw him off the table and then had to stop myself because as I brought him to his water bowl, I realized it was bone dry. I don't remember the last time I refilled it (and Steve's not big into cat food/water duty... litter during pregnancy is about all he can handle)! Andre couldn't help it ... he probably really needed the water :( Poor kitty ... I promise I'll do better for you in the future :)

Woof Woof

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This week, starting on Friday afternoon, we took over "parenting" the animals owned by our good friends, the Ipemas. We have "adopted" (for the week) a senior golden retriever, Star; an older long haired (not sure on the breed) cat, Smokey; and a young gun Bernisse Mountain Dog, Zoey. Within the first 12 hours, I quickly learned that walks would be (at minimum) a twice daily routine for Zoey. She's FULL of energy and not quite ready to let it loose in the yard like her big sister, Starlight. So, Zoey and I (and Kayleigh) are getting our exercise this week. :) I'm not sure I'd recommend beginning to parent a large breed dog at 32 weeks pregnant; I just can't waddle fast enough, no matter how hard I try :). BUT we're getting through it. Kayleigh is learning all about dogs this week. She's already an avid cat lover and climbs the stairs to see Smokey the (K .. K...) several times throughout the day. She knows her way around the upstairs and can "sniff out" the kitty's hiding place without much trouble. BUT since Andre is the ONLY pet in our house (and probably a fairly lonely one this week), Kayleigh is learning about dogs. Her Grammy Creswell taught her how to say Woof Woof when referring to Brittany, but Brittany is far more cat-like than the dogs Kayleigh is living with right now. It takes quite a bit of courage for a 16 month old to look Zoey in the eye and not go screaming for your Mommy :) ... BUT we're learning because, Kayleigh, no I will not pick you "Out Out" every time the doggie comes towards you.

Catch the latest image from Zoey and Kayleigh ... they were watching "Daddy" make burgers for supper and Starlight was playing loose in the backyard. Both of them seem to be saying, "How come SHE is so lucky?" or "When is it MY turn?"

[caption id="attachment_117" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="Kayleigh and Zoey scheme about how to get "OUTSIDE""][/caption]