February Photo Challenge - February 9

by Kristi Van Dyk in

"It Pays to be a Princess" OR"Daddy Spoils Me Rotten"

About 4 months ago, when we were looking for a "music" solution now that we needed two simultaneous nursery atmospheres, we toyed with the idea of getting Kayleigh a new iPod and docking station (one which Daddy found that screamed "perfect for his baby girl"). We decided that was ridiculous because we had an iPad and there's no reason we couldn't rig up some old speakers to make that dock work. So, Kayleigh got the iPad ...

Enter child technology prodigy who managed to, one morning, find her collection of Mickey Videos and help herself to an unknown number of bedroom viewings before Mommy woke up at 6:00 a.m. and discovered what had happened. At that point, we needed a new solution ... remove the Mickey's (surprisingly handy, though with upcoming tennis season) OR remove the speakers she climbed on to touch her iPad.

BACK to  Daddy's solution. We got her an 8G iPod touch for a very reasonable rate, used a gift card to bring the price of Daddy's "perfect" iHome down and HERE, is the result.

As soon as my blonde beauty saw this baby, she was lost in a world of adoration. "Ohh Mommy, it's so BEAUTIFUL! I need to see all sides of this box." She past the time as we waited in line (literally 3 minutes AFTER Best Buy opened) by naming every color that her iHome would change. She carefully carried her treasure up to the man at the counter and reached up to give it to him. She said to him, "This is MINE but Mommy has to pay for it first and then I GET TO TAKE it to MY ROOM." I don't think the college clerk knew quite what to do with my precocious 2 year old. BUT, she CAREFULLY carried her treasure to the van in its bag, walked almost tip toeing with it into the house and had it out of the package and on the nightstand before I had Benjamin out of his outdoor clothes and into a new diaper.

She's now sitting in her bed, falling asleep by reciting the colors as they change (which is hilarious when a "faster" song comes on because they change almost as fast as she can speak them). ... THANK YOU DADDY, for the Valentine's gift. She truly knows you love her!