February Photo Challenge Conclusion

by Kristi Van Dyk in

Wow! So, I sort of failed on the last few photo challenges. Again, I knew I should, but I simply didn't take the time to post. So, what do I owe you, 5? Yikes ... fortunately, I take a lot of pics of these kids :) 24 - Benjamin watching the Indy500 and pretending he's driving too:










25: Rafael in the laundry - It's a tough call who likes laundry baskets more, Rafa or the kids ... He's staking his claim early on this one.










26: Benjamin Misses Daddy - This kid LOVES his dad. Each time the door creaks open he gets whiplash looking for who came home. When he discovers it's not daddy, he gets pretty mournful. Being the mean mommy that I am, I staged a "gotcha" moment so I could get his face ... What Daddy could resist coming home to turn this frown upside down?










27: Hope for the WIN!!! - We have some great friends who, unfortunately chose to attend Calvin. While the women lost the tournament final at the buzzer, the Men won. So, Benjamin is celebrating in his Orange and Blue (then we sent the picture to our friends via text). I know, I'm so nice.










28: Mommy, Take my Picture - Kayleigh is getting bossy and jealous! She can't stand it when I'm snapping pictures of Benjamin. So, she demands to get her share of the limelight. Here is the result (which she verified as, "OHHH super cute!") after much begging and pleading AND re-taking.










While I still promise to post pictures of the kids, I don't intend to do another Photo challenge. A picture a day is FAR more work than I thought ... Goal for March - Schedule each day to the minute (no lie this is what my Bible Study book suggested to try for improving time management). I have never had trouble with time management, but kids throw a whole new level of unpredictability into life. Therefore, written schedules seem like they could help. So far, 2 days into March ... I am 2/2 and have had 2 of the most productive days I can remember in a LONG time (despite having a son, who is NOT sticking to his normal routine). So far, I'm excited about this possible life change. All other goals are progressing, weight loss - happening, but much more slowly, bible reading - I'm almost through the Old Testament (about halfway through Zechariah at present), garden - yeah, I think I'm going to abandon that. The way the summer is shaping up, it's not looking like I'll have any time to prep it before June and once we hit summer we're gone almost constantly. So ... maybe next Spring. Enjoying a family of 4 - AMEN!!! Benjamin is feeding himself, Kayleigh continues to do so, and Mommy is counting down the days until she's done making all kinds of separate meals/specifications. Just a few more months and we're all on the same meal plan!!! WOO HOO!!!!