Kayleigh's Bike

by Kristi Van Dyk in

For almost 4 months Kayleigh has stared (while sitting on the potty) at a picture of a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse tricycle. The photo held countless stickers from successful potty trips. We had told her when she filled the paper, she could have the tricycle. She was SO excited. She'd tell me each time she was successful that she could 'GET A BIKE!!' Well, as potty training became "being potty trained" Mommy and Daddy kept delaying ... "When the snow melts ..." We'd say. Well, when the snow melted one day she reminded me, quite graciously that it was time to get her a bike. Well, again I dragged my feet, citing the fact that Daddy needed to come with us and he was very busy. Finally, my mom emailed me about a sale on bicycles ... princess bicycles at Toys R Us. That was the motivation we needed. So, we went to Toys R Us and she absolutely fell in love with a 12" Purple Disney Princess bike. She wasn't quite strong enough (and still isn't) to pedal all by herself, but she loved the idea. Since she was, size wise, fine with the princess bicycle, we saw no need to get a tricycle for her. It seemed like a waste of money. So ... Daddy went back later and purchased the Disney Princess Bike. It sat in the trunk for a few days until he had some time to put it together. Then, there was the unveiling .... We made her close her eyes ...







Then dramatically wheeled the bike into the room. She had almost no expression at all when she saw it ... it was actually very serious. But she IMMEDIATELY climbed on (hiding behind her hair and ignoring my pleas for a smile).







She checked out all of the "features" like the special streamers on the handlebars, all of the princesses all over the bike and she just LOVED the bag on the front. So, like a little girl would, she went to get her "accessories" (in this case food from her kitchen) to zip into the bag. I mean, come on, if you have a bag, you HAVE to fill it!







After some help from Daddy, she was more than willing to flash me a smile. I see her beaming with pride ... she looks more and more like a pre-schooler, each day. It kills me ...







And just like that we're knocking down another "milestone" in our first born baby's life. What a treasure she is to us ... and such a beautiful blessing. We can't wait to watch her ride around the driveway (JUST as soon as she figures out how those pedals work!) :)