Benjamin Steven, 15 months

by Kristi Van Dyk in

Well, folks, he's 15 months ... 1/4 of the way into his second year of life (YIKES) ... how he feels about it? LOVE ... My boy still loves life. He LOVES summer; he loves moving. Benjamin loves being outside, playing at the park, EATING (especially all of the fresh fruits/veggies that are in season), and drinking. Each time he wakes up, comes in from outside, he asks for his "DINK ... DINK" and proceeds to polish off the entire cup. (Sippy, straw or otherwise, he takes all cups). This past week might have been Benjamin's FAVORITE week of summer. In the past 6 days, he's seen just about every Van Dyk family member he has, plus all of the immediate Creswell family in there too. He adores his family ... and as many of you can attest, at this point in his life, greets almost all members of the family with equal (or greater) enthusiasm than his Mommy. I think he feels like he sees "too much" of me. I'm okay with that, a boy has to get independent at some point. (Plus, he still comes back to me each time he stubs his toes, bumps his head, skins his knees or, falls down. Since he's still very much experimenting with this whole walking/running business, he falls down a lot. I'm not feeling too put out just yet).

I don't have much time to blog because the kids are both up (I'm just enforcing mandatory in room time for my own sanity ... today has been quite the "catch up" day). BUT, I really adore this picture of Ben, and I wanted it to go in the blog for the sake of remembering how munchkin cute this kid is ... :) <3 my little boy ...

[caption id="attachment_1216" align="alignleft" width="214" caption="Benjamin Steven, 15 months: August 2011"][/caption]