Kayleigh and Kristi's Thanksgiving Countdown

by Kristi Van Dyk in

My daughter loves to count. She counts in English, in Spanish and she counts all of the time. She counts forward, backwards and tries to teach her brother. So, I know she will LOVE her advent calendar from her Great Aunt Marlene. Nothing beats German chocolates for 24 straight days, right?? Anyway, we have a while to wait before that countdown begins so we started out Thanksgiving countdown. We talked about why we have it, what it's about and we are starting our very own countdowns. Mine will be in text and Kayleigh will present hers in video form ;). Here's our countdown beginning yesterday.

November 1: I am so thankful for the spirit God has given to my daughter. She is growing into a helpful, kindhearted little lady. She loves her family and friends and works very hard to show that love to them in her own special ways.

Here's Kayleigh's thanks for November 1