November 5: Thanks

by Kristi Van Dyk in

So, we are a little behind... Not because we didn't each reflect on our thank you's but because I am terrible at being productive on the weekends. I love getting stuff checked off on the weekdays, but when Steve is home on weekends, I just want to be with the family. So, the agenda goes awry, as does all housework and anything deemed "chores." we just work on having fun! So, Saturday's thanks. On Saturday, I reflect on amazing friends. The world is a crazy place and it can be lonely navigating it alone. Our family is amazing and so supportive too, but we are also blessed with amazing friends that see us through all kinds of stages. I'm especially grateful for my "mommy friends," those women who share parenting advice, cry with me, laugh with me, and joy/bemoan the ages and stages of our kids together. I praise God for these women in my life.

Kayleigh's Thanks: