November 8: Thanks

by Kristi Van Dyk in

Today I'm thankful for the chance I had to coach volleyball this past season. I wasn't planning on it, but a friend called and asked me to fill in in a pinch. Chelsea was around to help with the kids, and Steve was prepared to take a few extra late nights alone. So, I volunteered and I'm so so glad I did. I would never have known what an amazing group of 8th grade girls are currently at Kalamazoo Christian. I was blessed by them over and over and over. They are fun, creative, SWEET and full of integrity. What a JOY they were to get to know... As evidence, here's what a few of them did at last night's party... It was a scavenger hunt and they had tasks to complete. In the midst of their competition two teams bought gifts for my little girl, and one team got me a spontaneous gift and card.. I mean, what coach wouldn't fall in love with that?!!!




Kayleigh's thanks for today: