Kudos to my amazing spouse

by Kristi Van Dyk in

This week has been incredibly busy for me. Tennis season is always a little hectic, but Spanish Immersion Coordinator training in Zeeland on top of 2 matches and a tournament made for some very long days. I have no doubt that God is calling me to both of these tasks right now, but it does put a strain on completing my usual household responsibilities. I'm so blessed that my supportive husband is willing to pick up the slack when I can't keep up. This week Steve did ALL of the following (on top of all of his work at school):

1. Made supper every night from Tuesday through Sunday!! (No, it wasn't take out each night... He made pigs in a blanket, tacos, grilled cheese sandwiches and apples for the kids (when I had team dinner), and ordered pizza one night (when his parents came to help babysit). 2. Did grocery shopping, made the menu for the week (and his own lists), and returned all of the bottles. He did the shopping WITH Benjamin as well ... 3. Packed lunches for the kids, handled pre-K transportation and picked/up dropped off at the sitters when I had my work days early. 4. Did two nights of baths with both kids when I wasn't home until very late. 5. Did all of the laundry (including DIAPERS!) 6. And kept the kids happy (with fun events) like park trips, stroller rides, special bubbles (cars for Boo and Princesses for K) and a trip to visit the cottage (with a special packed lunch again so they could have a picnic).

And to top it all off, when I came home from Battle Creek on Thursday (at 9:00) I was greeted with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies made by Steve and the kids...

I don't like being away from the kids that much, but when work/life require it it's SUCH a blessing to know that my kids have such an amazing Daddy to help them grow up...

I pray our boy(s) turn out just like him... And that our girl(s) find someone like him to help them travel through life!