Techno Geek, Jr.

by Kristi Van Dyk in

My little girl takes after her father, easily. She loves anything with buttons, that makes music, that has interesting motions. She is quite aware that her phones/computers aren't "real," so she will reach for the real stuff whenever she gets a chance. It's a battle to keep the plethora of laptops, iPhones, iPads, and iPods out of the reach of little hands. Sometimes, I don't try and just teach her to be careful. As a result, she has learned several "techy" skills that are probably unusual for her age. She can start and stop her iPod, turn on the picture slideshow on the iPad (she plays name that family member with it), and dial numbers on my phone (hence the reason Mommy had to put a lock on with a number code to avoid crank calls). Daddy combined Kayleigh's love for fish and the iPad and downloaded an application that is a virtual aquarium. She generally runs around asking for her fishy with the iPad in her hands. Kayleigh also loves jumping in the jumper (despite the fact that she's VERY big for it) and listening to the Glee soundtrack while I take a shower.

Somewhere between these two loves (technology and her jumper) she decided she could easily combine the two. When I told her to get her two toys (she always grabs two before she gets in the jumpy), she came running back saying, "One ... One...fishy ... fishy ... iPad. Momma, iPad." I did a double take because I didn't even know she knew the words. But sure enough ... iPad is definitely Kayleigh's newest word. Can we say Mac advertisement?

My new "toy"