Benjamin - 2 months (almost)

by Kristi Van Dyk in

It's time for a feature post on my little man. What a trooper he is. He's been through quite a lot in his little life - I guess that's why those 2nd babies are so easy going - they don't really have a choice, do they? Since delivering him during tennis season, in his short time on earth, he's: - Gone to the State tennis finals - Attended the Tennis team party - Traveled twice to Holland and hung out at the cottage with Ipemas - Spent a week with Grammy and Grandpa, sleeping in the pack n play like champ - And even some other overnighters that I might be forgetting.

Through all of those different stimulating experiences, Ben always held up really well ... except, the week at my parents. I have no idea what made his craziness start but it was heart wrenching. He screamed, shrieking, ear splitting screams for 1+ hour every feeding. It was hard to tell whether his tummy was cramping from the pain or from his anger ... either way, it was so so sad. Since then, we've spent time at the pediatrician's office and on the phone for after hours calls. Aside from working through Benny's  constipation, it would appear he has a sensitive tummy. We're on soy formula now, and he's the happiest I ever remember him being. Last night/this a.m. he had a bm WITHOUT us having to concoct some insane combination of pear juice and Karo syrup. We're almost ready to say, "he's fixed." BUT ... I'm hoping for a week Karo free before doing just that. At any rate, it's hard to believe he isn't better, when he flashes these gorgeous smiles at me (and his sister and his daddy) all day long.

But, since Benjamin's two month birthday is approaching (he's already 8 weeks, but not quite 2 months yet .. Saturday), I thought I'd recap a few of his accomplishments. Some of them, still amaze me.

1. Ben loves sleeping. I might hate myself for making this public, because as soon as I do, he'll stop doing it. BUT, Ben rarely gets up more than 1 time a night. In fact, for the past week (even through his cramping/sickness) he's slept no LESS than 5 hours at a time. He's had 3 straight 8 hour nights, even. I LOVE it ... I feel like I'm getting spoiled rotten. Kayleigh was a good sleeper/napper, but she NEVER did this. Here's to hoping he keeps it up! (Although, as you can tell by my time stamp, he's not doing it tonight!)

2. Ben moves CONSTANTLY. Our friends had a little boy close to Kayleigh's age; he moved ALL the time while she snuggled. We thought it was just his personality, until ... well, Ben. Ben has some of those same constant movement characteristics. He doesn't love to snuggle because it's too restrictive. Instead he just flails his arms all of the time, kicks his legs and rocks from side to side.

3. Ben's head and neck control is incredible ... Since he was born he was FIGHTING to work that part. I think he just wants to get up and look around already. Today, he sat in my lap, while Kayleigh and I did puzzles. He rarely rested his head on my stomach at all, just kept fighting to keep his eyes on his sister the entire time. He also loves pushing his legs straight to stand ... And don't think you're gonna help him relax while he's on his tummy. He looks like a frog swimming through the water as soon as you flip him on his belly ... kick, kick, kick, pull, pull, kick, kick ... it's hilarious.

4. *** This is coincidence, I'm not claiming intentionality here :) *** Ben has managed, repeatedly, to turn on his crib toy all by himself. When he lays in his crib (literally one of his favorite things to do!!), he flails his arms and legs (like always) and bumps the power button, which turns on his water/monkey/fish/light up lullaby viewer. He squeals and stares at it, mesmerized, not moving, until it shuts off (it's on like a 5 minute cycle). Then he begins flailing again until he manages to bump it and turn it on. (Trust me ... I was totally creeped out the first time he did it). It was 6:30 in the morning and I didn't think the babies were up and Steve was in the basement shower .. then ... All of the sudden music floods from the newborns room ... I ran in there, thinking we had a child theif. I was greeted with bright blue eyes, cooing, and a sunny smile ... just my Benjamin accidentally being awesome :)

Ben likes the rocker/vibrating chair as one of his toys (mostly because his sister comes along every 20 minutes or so to kiss him, pat his head, say, "Hi Benny Buddy..." and pull the musical dog. :) She just wants to hear the tunes! At any rate, I am always taking pictures of him in that ... so here's a little comparison.

Benny the afternoon we brought him home.

Benny yesterday (almost 2 months)