Home Sweet Home

by Kristi Van Dyk in

Ahhhhh ... Vacation was incredible; it was wonderful to be totally unplugged for a week. Sure, there were inconveniences for both of us. Nevertheless, it was incredible to have NOTHING in the evenings except putting the children to bed, enjoying each other's company and watching the sunset out our slider. One of the results of having no internet was no blogging. So, I have LOTS of backlogged pictures and stories from vacation. I'll be busy catching up for a while :)

I'll begin with a few snapshots from our vacation location. My parents graciously rented us an apartment connected to their friends' cottage. We were right on the channel between Mona Lake and Lake Michigan at Maranatha Bible and Missionary conference in Muskegon. Here's the gorgeous view out of our living room slider ... it was taken at 6:15 a.m., just after Benny woke up. It certainly wasn't difficult to get up when I could enjoy this with my baby boy each morning :)

Just before sunrise on Lake Michigan

Here's my other favorite "landscape" picture ... our view was slightly obstructed mid-week when we had to use the line for drying our jeans. We took pictures IN Lake Michigan ... the babies were celebrating being done with their pictures by heading into the water. So, the parents headed in too ... Here's our family of 4 drying out after picture time.

We had gorgeous weather, wonderful fun and great family time. The kids were busy and happy and slept really well! We couldn't have asked for an easier set up for us .... Thanks Mom and Dad for helping us out .. It was wonderful.

Here's a few other highlights pictures (one from each of us) over the week.

Mommy's Favorite: Spending time with my family

Daddy's Favorite: Spending time with the babies (he got a lot of time with both, but I snapped the best one with Kayleigh)

Kayleigh's Favorite: THE BEACH

Benjamin's Favorite: Water Experiences :) The Pool and the Lake