Monkey See, Monkey Do

by Kristi Van Dyk in ,

I knew that there comes an age, in a young child's life, where they copy EVERYTHING. I always knew that when that phase hit, we had to overanalyze each action knowing it could be repeated publicly. I never understood the magnitude of the repetition. Kayleigh is in this phase right now. In fact, she's so far in it, that being out of Mom's sight is a catastrophic issue. Case and point: We were walking to the park last night, using the double jogger (THANKS MOM!!! and good work Benjamin on holding that head so I can!). Daddy was pushing, and I was walking beside. Every minute or so, "See Mommy! See Mommy!" She had to have the visor pulled back or speed adjusted just so she could make sure Mommy was still there. In addition to being constantly close so she can mimic actions, she listens intently to conversations, even when you don't think she is. I was relating a story to a friend, and I mentioned a name. Let's say, "Sarah ..." Kayleigh heard the name, knew she had an Aunt Sarah, and went off asking for "Aunt Sarah." I wasn't looking at her, wasn't even aware she was in the vicinity, but her attention to Mommy's speech is EVER present!

I'll take a chance to embarrass Steve now ... He's meticulous about cleaning out his ears. He does it EVERY morning. Kayleigh has seen him do this countless times (since she insists on being with people everywhere they go). So, it made me laugh out loud (though it was no surprise) when she came waddling out of the bathroom doing this yesterday morning -->

[caption id="attachment_498" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Our Little Copycat"][/caption]

It sort of makes you overanalyze every step you take ... I love the parallels this draws for me spiritually. Examining each action so as not to be a stumbling block to others. Thanks baby girl for reminding Mommy of the importance of constant self-reflection.