Benjamin Predictions

by Kristi Van Dyk in

I have started going through the previous blog entries from the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of my pregnancy with Benjamin. (I'm beginning to put together what I hope to be a yearly tradition: The Van Dyk Family 20_ _ DVD). I thought it'd be a fun thing to watch on New Years morning as a way to "kick off" the year together. So, I'm making a compilation of Kayleigh photos/videos, Benjamin photos/videos and Family Events. I'm using the blog I so diligently post on in order to help me remember the most memorable events over the calendar year. ANYWAY ... as I was reviewing and putting together my "storyboard," I came across a few statements I made regarding "Baby Boy ____" when he was in my belly. I thought it'd be sort of fun to review how his actions in utero manifested themselves in his 3 month old self. :) A few of my "predictions" made me laugh out loud; there is truth to the fact that who they are in the belly is who they are in the world. Prediction #1: "I thought his sister was active in utero, but he brings new meaning to the word busy." He is indeed a busy boy! Napping is SLOWLY coming into his routine, but for these first few months, he simply wants to move, move, move. He twists and turns so that he's sometimes facing a completely different direction than when I put him down at night. (And no, it's not because he got up and Steve put him facing another way). HE MOVES. His arms are going constantly, and he's always moving that head and looking for his sister ... Prediction #1: Right on!

Prediction #2: "He often chooses to move at night; I'm positive he'll have his schedule mixed up." No siree! I was totally wrong on this one, and I'm very glad to admit it! This little man, from the start (well, almost start, the hospital wasn't quite so restful for us), figured out night time. Even at the tender age of 14 weeks, he's really, really got the sleeping thing down. Praise the LORD :) Prediction #2: Total fail!

Prediction #3: Despite the drs. predictions, my body's readiness for labor, and the due date, this baby has his own timetable. I went so far as to joke with my tennis girls that I was never going to have this baby. They said, "Yeah Coach, he's basically gonna come out a toddler." Bottom line: This baby has his own timetable. Based upon his eating habits, his sleeping capabilities, and his head/neck control, I don't think I was too far off base. He's a very strong baby with great habits (after that whole 2 week milk issue!!). He's almost EASIER than my toddler (at least right now).  He's working on many gross motor skills that Kayleigh wasn't considering at this age. (I know it's not fair to always compare; I don't expect him to be her or her to be him, but she's my best point of reference...) He resisted scheduling, FIERCELY, and wants to eat when he wants to eat and sleep when he wants to sleep ... no timetable fits HIS timetable. :) So, Prediction #3: He didn't come out a toddler, but he definitely has his own timetable!

Here's Benjamin's latest timetable (thankfully, the last 4 days have looked almost EXACTLY the same!!) I think we might be getting a "routine!" (Amen!!) 6:00-6:30 Wake up take a 5 oz bottle 7:00 Back in crib sleeping, usually gets himself to sleep without rocking 9:00 - 9:30 Wakes again for the day and takes a 6 oz bottle 9;30 - 12:30 Plays with Mom/sis, runs errands, generally keeps WIDE awake 12:30 Eats 8 oz bottle 1:00 - 3:00 or 3:30 NAP 3:30 - 5:00 eat 5 oz bottle, play 5:00 - 6:00ish Nap 6:00 - 8:00 Play with Daddy/Mommy/sister and maybe get a snack bottle (3 oz) 8:00 - 9:00 Snuggles with Mommy on the couch 9:00 Bath, Bottle, hit the hay until 6:00 tomorrow morning :)

Yup ... This baby is a keeper. Here's his latest playtimes. Personally, I adore Saucer1, where he pouts when the music stops but figures out that if he hits it again all is well! What a little detective!

8-27 Saucer2

8-27 Saucer1