Celebrating a Little One

by Kristi Van Dyk in

One of the huge blessings of marrying Steve has been inheriting some of his incredible friends. Steve is still as close with his high school friends as he was when they were younger :). They might not see each other as often, but the guys make a point of staying in touch. As they have each gotten married and started to expand their families, we get to share in the joy of new little ones. It makes our get togethers so much busier, but so much fun. Kayleigh, Carson and Benjamin were the 3 babies at the last get together. Since then, Texers have added another. Plus, there are three more on the way in the next 6 months! Summer camping trips with 7 under 4 and only 8 adults? Hmmm ... Could get interesting! So, our fun times are just beginning. Anyway, Kayleigh had a little tribute to the Texers precious little girl, Emma Rae.

Here's our little one, celebrating a new girl to the "gang." Happy Birthday, Emma