My Wild Man

by Kristi Van Dyk in

Benjamin is growing steadily. In his growth, his mobility increases. He loves to watch the world go by (especially when his sister is involved). So often he will be upset that Mommy isn't carrying him, when Kayleigh will jump in front of his eyes to entertain. It never fails to be MORE than a suitable substitute. He adores her ... Monday afternoon the two of them were outside. I was trying to keep Kayleigh occupied on one thing for more than 30 seconds, and Benjamin was simply content with whatever play he could get. He just liked being outside. So, I went downstairs and got his exersaucer. He sat (after swinging for quite some time) in his saucer and played. He watched Kayleigh do the slide, he played with his toys, and he even let Mommy take him for a couple of laps through the sprinkler (he LOVED IT!). Here's a picture I snapped of him looking so intent (and so happy) with his toys.

Big Ben Outdoors

He looks so grown up already, I can hardly stand it. Here's a short video clip of Ben during lunchtime. He takes his "noon" bottle around 12:30, right after Kayleigh and I finish lunch and BEFORE they both take their concurrent naps. So, while we eat, he's a little cranky. BUT, I can always get him to smile and cheer up when he gets a chance to see "his girls ... (i.e. Mommy+Kayleigh at the same time)." So, enjoy watching what Kayleigh and I get to see each lunch hour! (Sure beats news or soap operas!) :)

8-31 Happy Ben at lunch