Wednesday, March 8 - in transit

by Kristi Van Dyk

My husband went ahead and threw down the gauntlet by calling out the blog update score as 1:0 (in his favor). I am always more of a morning blogger anyway. But, I simply can't let that stand so... our update for today.

As we really only just began the journey there isn't too much to report, but we did have a beautiful miracle yesterday that is worth sharing.  

We noted in our prayer warrior post that we were concerned about some close connections between our flights on the way out. Well, we ended up giving Delta a call yesterday morning to just see how much an earlier connecting flight would cost. After examining our itinerary the sweet agent told us we could happily change for $300/ticket. I thanked her for her time but said that we were on an adoption budget and we simply couldn't pay that. I said we'd just pray that we made our flights. 

She heard us and was moved. She petitioned to her supervisor who came back and agreed to waive all fees! Yes, all fees! God gave us a miracle via Delta.  So, here we sit, at ORD, waiting for a 6:35 flight instead of the 9:05. But, this means our 12:05 departure will be far less stressful, and we won't risk missing the biggest leg of the trip. 

Praise the Lord for His intervention.  

Our separation from our girls was as hard as I had imagined. There were tears and some sobbing (and not just by me). But I know they will be well loved and well cared for in all of the places they stay.  

The alarms went off this morning at 2:15 am and we were reminded of one of the reasons we wanted Ben along. He sleeps through ANYTHING and wakes up instantly raring to go. When we finally had to rouse him, he went from stone cold out to dimpled smiles in about 30 seconds. He waited super patiently (for nearly 40 minutes) for the Delta ticket counter to open, and he was a champ as we sailed through security. He told the TSA agent about his brother in such a beautiful and precious way. I don't think the agent quite knew what to say, but he wished us safe journeys. 

So, here we sit, awaiting the first flight of the day ... And practicing our, "we can be patient and flexible" attitudes. 

We look forward to blogging again from our first stop in Beijing.   


So ready to get this show on the road


Happy to have a big, cozy bed all to himself at the O'Hare hotel    


At 2:45 am are cookies breakfast or a midnight snack?