Kitten + Toddler = too cute

by Kristi Van Dyk in

As I was attempting to persuade my husband to allow me to adopt this new kitten, I used many tactics (some below the belt ...). It NEVER occurred to me to play the toddler card. "Kayleigh would really love to play with a kitten, etc." This is probably because I really didn't expect her to want to play with a kitten. She moves so fast and isn't generally tender (the moments with her brother still shock me), so why would a kitten catch her eye? Because they are in the same life stage ... exploring their world, trial and error, curiosity about EVERYTHING, no problem with a mistake because life is full of time to try and try again, completely devoid of the fear of the unknown because everything is unknown! Together Rafa and Kayleigh give me more to laugh about than I ever imagined ... Interestingly enough, not only are Kayleigh and Rafa in similar stages of development, they have very similar personalities ... active, constant, don't stop until I slam into a brick wall of exhaustion and fall over into a coma. Snuggling is a thing to do ONLY when exhaustion keeps you from doing more "exciting" things. So, Kayleigh and Rafa are my two "Actives." Benny and Andre ... my two "mellows." Both of them are content to take a safe and comfortable view of the action and let everyone else have it out. Sure they let me know, quite forcefully at times, what their needs are, but more often than not ... watching is just fine with them ... Sit back and enjoy the show :).

Here's the show we got from Rafael these past two days:

[caption id="attachment_669" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="A bed is wherever you crash land"][/caption]

This other one warrants a little story. Benny and Andre are safely perched, watching the action. Kayleigh is chattering away to her Rafa. I'm scrubbing a few bottles in the kitchen, where I'm not more than a few paces away from all of the "dependents," as I call them.  I hear the following: K: Rafa on snack table R: chirp, chirp, MMMEEOOOWW (his sharper cry brings me to peer around the corner. She has him with two hands by the belly and is lifting him unto the television table where she eats her snacks). K: No? No snack table??? Rafa sit on couch R: chirp, chirp, chirp (as she toddles him to the couch) MMMEEEOOOWW (still unharmed just not exactly happy) K: No? Okay ... Rafa in Benny's Bumbo (Yes, she knows a Bumbo by name). Rafa in Bumbo. (IN she plops him and there he stays ... for quite sometime, resting and watching her eat her snack.)

Rafa's new comfort spot aside from his pregnancy pillow turned cat bed??? Benjamin's Yellow Bumbo

Sometimes I'm positive that I'm certifiably insane ... you know, committing to house training a kitten and introducing him to an existing cat who is quite possessive while caring full time for an almost 4 month old and a nearly 2 year old ... but, these quiet moments with the snugglers seems to make it worth it. (The kids snuggle too just not nearly long enough to snap pictures!)

[caption id="attachment_671" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Not too bad for just the end of their first full day together"][/caption]