Kayleigh's Bible

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About a month ago I began a Women's Bible Study class at our new church home, Calvary Bible Church. The kids and I pack up and are at church by 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday mornings. They wonderful nursery workers entertain my toddler and just snuggle my baby while I get a chance to talk with other women about what the Scriptures say about marriage. It's always an opportunity for me to grow, and I always walk away refreshed (no matter how difficult it was to get the kids ready to go). Kayleigh must sense my joy at going, or simply pick up on the fact that I'm always juggling her, her brother and my Bible. Either way, she has latched onto my BIG Teal colored Study Bible. She sees it around the house and carries it to me. "Read heavy Bible, Mommy. Read Kayleigh heavy heavy Bible." I started reading her Luke 2 (anyone who knew me as a child will understand why), but she never makes it through the first 10 verses. :) Instead she says, "Kayleigh will read it now. K do it, Mommy." And grabs the Bible away only to flip pages and mumble to herself. This morning I got the idea that she ought to just carry her own Bible. We have several that were given to us as gifts when she was born. We've read them to her at nights during story time, but I never thought to put it out with the other Bibles. So, I went to her room and brought one back. Here, Kayleigh, this is YOUR Bible. (BIG GASP!!!) "Kayleigh's Bible? 1 Bible, 2 Bibles??? One for Mommy, One for KAYLEIGH??" Yes, Kayleigh, it's your Bible. "Oh Kayleigh read it now!" She then proceeded to jump up on the couch and bury herself in the pages. Atta girl, K. ...

Mom, of course, proceeded to snap pictures and take a video. Here ya go:

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10-6 K's Bible

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