My Goals ... an accountability posting

by Kristi Van Dyk in

Ahhh 2011 ... it's here, a New Year ... a fresh start. I don't really like the idea of setting "New Year's Resolutions" because I like goal setting year round. Nevertheless, I can appreciate the time of reflection prompted by starting anew. I thought I'd take the time and write out some of the goals I have for myself in 2011. I find freedom in sharing, and it helps me keep accountable if I know other people might check up on me. Goal #1: Read through the Bible in its entirety Began: July, 2009

Progress: I'm currently whipping through Jeremiah (I started at Genesis), so I'm over 60% completed (thanks Kindle). A lot of my quiet time was interrupted by the birth of my son. I couldn't find a consistent time to read because life was anything but consistent. But now that things have sort of levelled out, it's a lot easier to be consistent again. I LOVE reading while I work out, especially Scripture. I find I work harder, move faster, and focus less on the pain when I have something to occupy my mind. During these winter months, 30 minutes on the elliptical IS my reading and quiet time. I hope to continue the elliptical when the weather is nice (hits over 50) and the kids and I can get out to start run/walks. It'll still be a good way to cross train and spend time with JESUS!

Next Steps: As soon as I finish my first read through, I intend to go back through and select a chapter per book to work on committing to memory. Thanks for the inspiration Tim Brown

Goal #2: Lose the baby weight Began: Immediately after Ben was born, most actively, October 2010

Progress: 49.5 lbs, with plenty more to go I'm on a strict 1,348 calorie diet with a diary that I keep on my iPhone charting the food I eat, it's protein values, fat content, and carbs. I have, in the last month, managed to fill the protein column while keeping carbs and fat below full. I work out once or twice a day (never 0) doing 30 minutes on the elliptical or an additional 25 minute Pilate session! I'm hoping to add another 10 lbs by the end of January, but so far that seems a bit ambitious as things are slowing down again ...

Next Steps: When the weather hits 50 at the time I want to get out and run (beginning in mid-afternoon), I'll get the kids set in the double jogger and hit the streets. I want to focus my energy on training for 1 5K (probably not the Riverbank Run as it falls in the tennis season) before the summer is over and then just concentrate on improving my 5K timing. My in-laws run, LONG distances, and I feel compelled to participate (NOT BY THEM...) but I don't think it's a reasonable goal for me. With two kids who are quite little and possibly more on the way (MUCH LATER, NOT NOW!!!!), I don't think my lifestyle can hold training for 26.2 mile races. There aren't enough hours in the day. Plus, I want to be able to support my husband's goals to run and there simply isn't room for both of us. So, 5K's it is.

Goal #3: Enjoy 2011 as a family of 4! Began: May 17, 2010 Progress: Working on it :), but let me explain ... Our family has been growing so quickly that I feel like we haven't had time to enjoy each season just as we are. Kayleigh literally JUST reached a point where she could assert her independence and we started the baby stage all over with Benjamin. As Benner works at learning to be mobile, tries eating foods by himself, and starts to show us just who he is going to be (hilariously happy nearly all the time), I can see a bit of light dawning at the end of my "work" tunnel. I see late Spring mornings in the backyard with both kids playing TOGETHER and Mommy trying to figure out a vegetable garden (see Goal #4). I see summer afternoons with the kiddie pool filled up and two kiddos running after each other in the water. I see trips down to the Lake where I can strap on life jackets and sit (okay so maybe not for very long before Benjamin does a header). BUT at least it won't be diaper change 1, diaper change 2, feed one, feed two, next diaper changes, sunscreen lathers, hold kid cuz he's now fussy, let other play for 10 minutes and then back up to the house for naps, etc ... There might be a shot that the kids can enjoy summer (and fall and next winter) .... all without adding to it an additional baby who needs constant attention. So for me, 2011 will be to enjoy the year with just the two beautiful blessings that we have (and enjoy not having to battle the carrying of a baby for the year!)

Next Steps: Teach the kids to celebrate the beauty of each Michigan season by enjoying it to its fullest (probably beginning with Spring since Ben's a little young for lots of sledding and snowball fights ... and it's more work getting him out there than it is fun for him to be there).

Goal #4: Grow my own vegetable patch Began: .. ummm Spring of 2011? I'm still planning for this and soliciting ideas ... I'm in the research phase, so if anyone knows of any good books on gardening in the Michigan climate, let me know!!! I'm excited to try a few (not a huge variety) vegetables to see what we can do as a family.

I think that's probably enough to get me started ... :) Benjamin is awake now and the coffee is getting cold :) Enjoy your goals or resolutions as you have them.

<3 Kristi