A Necessary Side-post

by Kristi Van Dyk in

I married an incredibly good man. He's going to be supremely embarrassed by this post, I know it, but I don't much care. He pursued me for a long time (most people would have given up LONG after my third or fourth cold refusal), and told me he was committed to us. Since he's a trained educator, I know kids were a part of his plans ... he made it quite clear that he definitely wanted a family. When you get the chance to watch him with our kids, you understand just how great he really is with them. Over the past week, I was able to capture just a few of the things I see in the evenings. After a long hard day at work, I admire that he comes home ready to play ... no matter what that looks like.

Of course there's Saturdays in the snow:

Bedtime Snuggles EVERY NIGHT:

Reading to the kids - (often multiple times through the same book):

And my personal favorite - sharing "what you do today" (Kayleigh's words) as soon as Daddy arrives home