Our Christmas Miracle(s)

by Kristi Van Dyk

Friends its Christmas Eve Eve ... 

The end of last week and the beginning of this week was difficult for us. We saw so many families experience loss, grief, sadness and disappointment. We felt God move in a way we never expected. The season felt heavy. 

There are many things that still weigh on our hearts as we wait expectantly for Christmas Day. 

But this week we wanted to also acknowledge the amazing things that God has done amidst the difficult. 

First of all, our friends, The Geurink Family, sent off their beautiful dossier and were notified as of 12/19 that they are LID! The Geurinks have been good friends of ours since we entered the Mandarin Immersion program at ZCS, but we have further connected as we both pursue adoption of a little boy from China. We ask that you celebrate with us in the beautiful accomplishment that is an LID and join us in praying that they will be matched soon with the son God has prepared for them. We love you, Geurinks! 

The second piece of news is that it was our dearest hope, indeed all we wanted for Christmas, was to receive our LOA. This morning, on the 45th day after submission (yes, I was counting, our agency told me it could take 45-60 days. I knew which day today was), we received our "soft" LOA. We spent today preparing our 1-800 and our 864W. Basically, we are applying to classify this son as our own and to get his Visa situated for travel. This triggers the final phases towards travel preparation. But more than all of that (which is still HUGE) we see these signs as God's sovereign hand, moving on our behalf. His timing demonstrating Hope and Light ... illustrating to us how He still has, thousands of years later, a beautiful plan in mind ... And His plan is timed to perfection. 

Please join us in rejoicing with the Geurinks and thanking God for bringing us both one step closer to our precious sons. 

We can't wait to share with you an updated picture when our sweet six friends becomes a beautiful set of eight. 

Geurinks + Van Dyks all excited this Christmas by God's provision in the adoption process for our families

Geurinks + Van Dyks all excited this Christmas by God's provision in the adoption process for our families

A very Merry Christmas from us to you. 

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