Day 10 and 11

by Kristi Van Dyk

I'm cheating here in my goal reporting by posting two days in one. I had the time set aside and enjoyed my quiet reflection but neglected to create the post. 

Day 10: reflected in the call of God in John to be the living embodiment of love. They will know we our Christians by our love... How far from that call do I live! 

Day 11: I went back to the text and the Lord spoke to me about Hope through David's Psalms. I was just out to coffee with a friend discussing hope... I loved how this passage prompted me not to my hope in an outcome or a result but to deeply embed my hope in His Word. If that is done properly no matter the outcomes He will sustain us. Sustenance... I love that word to. It's not lavish living, it's not perfection, it's what we need to live. Oh that I would embed my hope inside your Word and receive the sustenance that comes from all you provide there.