With hearts of gratitude

by Kristi Van Dyk

For the past 6 months we have been using this blog as a vehicle to share our process, to remind our friends, family, and followers of what we stand in need of. God has used so many of you to encourage us - through gifts, through comments, through prayers. We wanted to take this time of Thanksgiving to pause and reflect on all of the beautiful ways we have been blessed along this journey. 

Each step we've taken forward has been supported wholeheartedly. Each dollar we contributed, that we didn't think we had, was provided in a way that astounds us. When we had other challenges that occupied our minds, and we were swallowed in grief, our burdens were spirited along by faithful friends in prayer, by loyal friends in meal provision, by words of affirmation from those closest to us. 

It's truly difficult to explain the transformation that has happened in our lives these last 6 months (and I'll probably say the same thing about the next year too!!!). We had a picture of what this journey would look like, this step of faith ... we had an inkling about how God MIGHT provide ... Not a single one of our ideas came to fruition ... I mean it, NOT EVEN ONE! But God's leading, God's prompting, God's movement ... those plans, those methods of provision, those came in with perfect timing. Every.single.time. 

As we reflected this Thanksgiving, we gave thanks for each and every one of our friends and followers.

  • We gave thanks for those friends, who, despite their own financial circumstances, donated to our cause. You have challenged us to new heights in our giving! 
  • We gave thanks for those people who we haven't seen in years who still felt called to mention that they are praying for us.
  • Steve and I are humbled each time we accept the pennies and nickels and dimes that children worked hard to earn. We melt, with thankful hearts, as their precious efforts clang into the change jar on the counter labeled for Hua. 
  • As we examine our own budget, look where we can sacrifice, cut out excess, downgrade a few brand name choices, we are reminded anew that each time we make this choice we should be thankful ... thankful to have a choice at all ... 

In this season of Thanksgiving, and in preparation for Advent, we overflow with gratitude for all of you. And we faithfully uphold all of you in prayer

  • Our list of financial partners has 35 names on it. 35 names!!! We pray for you, for your families, for your homes. We ask God to bless you immeasurably more than you could ever ask or imagine. And we thank you for helping us live out His call to the orphan.  
  • For those of you who follow and pray, and ask how we are doing, we don't know all of your names, but we pray for you and for your families as well. We thank God for your faithfulness in praying for our little family and especially for our son who waits, with us, across the world. 

As we anticipate the travel planning - that is coming soon - we encourage any interested friends to follow along on our blog. You can receive our updates directly to your inbox by signing up here. 

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