Summer Bucket List 2015

by Kristi Van Dyk

Without a giant road trip on the agenda for THIS summer, I wanted to make sure the kids generated some ideas for summer fun. We typically have PLENTY to do with Maranatha and language tutoring and mom's work days away at Camp Witte. BUT, there are weekends when Daddy is home that are ripe for making memories. 

Here's what my small people generated by way of their Summer Bucket List, 2015 edition. I hope that, by Labor Day, I have a photo to go with each child's wish. 

K1. Go to the book store and buy a book
K2. Do the 4th of July parade on my scooter (at M)
K3. Go to a Chinese restaurant
K4. Talk to my teacher during the summer (with a precious photo of chinese speech bubbles and telephones). 
K5. Play with balls with Benjamin
K6. Play with my siblings. 

B1. Play tennis
B2. Ride a fast boat on the big lake
B3. Stay at Maranatha for 30 days
B4. Ride a water slide
B5. Play in a splash pad
B6. Go on a roller coaster

M1. See fireworks
M2. Go swimming in the lake with Mom
M3. Snuggle and read a book
M4. Sleep out under the stars with my family
M5. Write a book with Daddy
M6. Princess tea party with my family. 


I love the simple things they want combined with some of the creative ideas they have. Can't wait to tackle your wishes, my fun small friends!