February Photo Challenge 5 and 6

by Kristi Van Dyk in

So, fail ... I missed posting on Saturday. :( BUT I have double pics to make up for it. They are both Benner ... what can I say, the kid was so photogenic this weekend! Enjoy! February 5: My matching mountain men - This is hilarious because when I first met Steve (aka when he was trying "pursue" me and I was giving him the cold shoulder), he showed up at my house wearing this logger hat. It was NOT impressive, and I was so irritated by it. Since then I love to tease him about how hideous this hat is. Enter nephew Ryan and amazing Sis-in-law Alaina, who got Benjamin an ADORABLE logger hat. I love it, and must admit that I think the two of them are just adorable!

February 6: Benny's first SuperBowl - You wouldn't think that a little boy could truly love the SuperBowl. BUT, Benjamin thought that sitting in the matching IKEA chair next to Daddy, with his shirt pulled up, kickin' back was exactly what he wanted to do this evening. Clearly, he's into the game and doesn't want Mommy interrupting him to take stupid pictures. He's really yelling (reacting to Mommy and Daddy's excitement at the early touchdowns/interceptions by the Pack!) GO PACK GO!