For Good ... For Grandmas

by Kristi Van Dyk in

One of things I do while I run is reflect. Since I've been running to the Wicked soundtrack for about two weeks, I've often used the lyrics to help me think about something other than pain! (I know,  I'm a reformer at heart ... I blame my KCMS colleagues) Even though I set the track to random shuffle, I almost always end up hearing "For Good" as I run. It helped me to reflect on some of the people in my life that have really helped shape who I am. There are so many people who are still living, still influencing my choices and decisions. But, there are some who have headed to their eternal home already. Today, I spent my run thinking about the way in which they made their "handprint on my heart." 18 For Good

Grandma Badeau: My mom's mom past away when the cousins and I were young. I don't remember my exact age, but I'm thinking I was close to 13. The photos from our "first Christmas without Grandma" were at Disney. Based on the hairstyle (hahah) it must have been 6th or 7th grade. At any rate, my grandma Badeau was the supreme in grandma's "who spoiled." I remember mom telling her to STOP buying us things, but each time we went over to her house, whether it was candy, eating out, or a new toy, she always had something. I remember sitting in the recliners watching The Jungle Book over and over, eating our meals on tv trays so we could keep watching. Grandma Badeau also made it a point, EVERY CHRISTMAS (yes, much to our chagrin, even as we were quite old) to buy us our footy pajamas. All of the cousins got them ... and as I zip my babies into their Carter's footy pajamas (many of their pairs from my mom!), I think of her. It's in the simple things ... isn't it? ... I love you Grandma.

Grandma Creswell: Grandma C past away, very unexpectedly during the winter of my freshman year at Hope. Her memory is one that prompted this blogpost ... Each week at church, I think of her. I can't even help myself, it's sort of a gut reaction (I know she'd be proud ... especially when she hears why!) Calvary Bible, where we are pursuing membership, makes a point to play a few "good ol' hymns" in their original arrangements each week.  I know most young people would be irritated by that fact, preferring instead the more modern choruses. But I'm not like most young people. I get a sheer thrill out of hearing the old hymns with fantastic lyrics. At any rate, Calvary's minister of music is great at picking all of Grandma's favorites. I used to sit with her and Grandpa C during night church sometimes. (I welcomed it as a chance to sit somewhere else, but DREADED how "loud" both Grandpa and Grandma would sing! I thought EVERYONE was staring at us!) I remember it fondly now, my grandparents loved singing for Jesus, Grandma did it ALL of the time ... and most often it was the oldest of the old ones. So, each Sunday morning I hear my Grandma's bright voice as she belts her heart out to "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus ...", "Come Thou Almighty King", or "My Jesus I Love Thee." And I smile as I picture her singing with us (and the whole host of heaven).

I firmly believe that those "who come into our lives" do come in for a reason. They help us to grow, we learn and we are CHANGED. I thank God that I was able to be "changed for the better" by both of these amazing God-given role models. Even though they were never able to see my college graduation, meet my husband, attend our wedding (at least not in a bodily sense), or hold my babies, I believe they watch from the "Grandstands" and cheer us on.

Thanks for letting me share my heart ... K