February Photo Challenge - 18

by Kristi Van Dyk in

Today it was absolutely exquisite outside. There was a bit of a wind, but the sun was shining and there was no bite to the air. So, as soon as Benjamin woke up from his a.m. nap (early than I would have liked, due in large part to his noisy sister!), we put on coats and went to play in the backyard. Kayleigh was something of a caged animal all morning; I think she could sense it was a day that was suitable for playing outside (Okay, she actually said to me, "Momma, it's a FANTASTIC day to play in the backyard."). So, as soon as we could, we were outside. Benjamin had plenty of time to experience outdoors/swings/slides when he was very little. BUT, I'm sure he doesn't remember. Today was a completely "new" experience for him. He squealed for 45 straight minutes with sheer delight at the sunshine, the breeze, the swing's movement, his sister's laughing, you'd think he was "truly living" for the first time. Seeing the kids so happy - and so free - gave me a huge longing for Spring. Don't get me wrong, I had spring fever before the beautiful weather hit, but now that I see how much my kiddos can enjoy it, I'm longing for it even more. I've spent the past 2 summers (the first because Kayleigh was not moving and seemingly always sleeping and the second because I had newborn Benjamin) relatively cooped up. This summer, we're going to "live it up" and get outside as MUCH as possible. I think they're both going to LOVE it ... IN the meantime, I'm not stupid enough to think Spring has sprung in Michigan (I've looked at the extended forecast and know the 30 degree temps are headed back), but for now, we're going to enjoy every bit of these sunshiny days that we can!