February Photo Challenge - 19, 20, 21

by Kristi Van Dyk in

Yeah, so the weekend was pretty eventful -thus, I didn't put up pictures. We had the Kettners over for dinner Saturday night, and I'm not sure who had more fun ... all of us catching up, or Kayleigh making friends with Chad. She was a RUTHLESS flirt. Had I been thinking, I'd have taken a picture of the two of them ... so cute. But, since we didn't take pictures of that dinner date, I'll have to use another. Here's Benjamin, exploring what it's like to "be a princess."

The 20th was pretty uneventful for us - lots of catching up on sleep. So, the following two pictures are from today's "compound group" playdate. I didn't get pictures of all 7 - by the time I got my camera out, some were sleeping others on their way home ... but, nevertheless here are my favorites of "the girls"

It's super exhausting being a little girl with all the big girls around .... Eden Hoeksema is just taking a quick nap.

[caption id="attachment_1071" align="alignleft" width="1024" caption="Kayleigh and Emma, being cute girls!"][/caption]