November 10:

by Kristi Van Dyk in

Today I'm thankful for God's protective angels. This evening, after Kayleigh's birthday date, amidst the aggressively falling snow, we experienced that power first hand. Steve was driving, and being very careful. He lost control of the van and we began a free-slide. We were spinning out and I was certain my face was headed for a tree. I remember shielding my face and thanking God that it wasn't Kayleigh's side of the car (and Benjamin was at Chelsea's). By some miracle, (or the angel's hands), our van spun more than it should. We "backed gently" down the hillside, narrowly missing two trees. If we had slid any other way, we would have crashed into BOTH trees. As it was, we were able to drive out ourselves and no open beverages were spilled (it was that smooth/gentle). Truly, we were protected by angels. Kayleigh is thankful for our (naughty) kitty, Rafael. (I should note that we did our first "re-do" of these videos today because as she said her thanks for Rafa he charged at her and started attacking her toes... Nice, kitty, nice...)