November 11:

by Kristi Van Dyk in

Today I'm thankful for my parents. I have had the distinct pleasure of growing up in a stable home, where I never worried about having food to eat, clothes to wear, violence, abuse or so many other things that kids today have to carry through life. My parents raised me in the church and taught me foundational truths that carried with me through adolescence (even if I wasn't the best example all of the time). As I'm in the "trenches" of discipline and training with my kids right now, I appreciate all of those things about my parents in a way I never could (until I had to do it myself.) I'm pretty sure that was part of many a lecture too... Thanks Mom and Dad ... And thanks for supporting us as we do our best to bring up our children in His way. Kayleigh is thankful for her puzzles to work on: (I know, she said toys already but I'm thankful that she likes to solve puzzles too!!! It's so good for her logical/spatial reasoning) ;)