Spring Break 2012 - Saturday (for real)

by Kristi Van Dyk in

  So, I tagged my first post as Friday - Saturday but I'm a full day off :) We traveled Thursday into Friday ... so in order to update you on the whole of vacation, I must remember Saturday :). I suppose I was in a total brain fog ... 21 hours in a car with a pre-schooler, a toddler, and a little squirmy Baby Tres will do that to a mom ;). ANYWAY, Saturday dawned beautifully sunny and gorgeous with forecasted a little bit of rain and temps in the mid-upper 80's. We began our morning with some breakfast (totally as we got up, so on our own time). The kids went to the grocery store with Grandpa and Grandma to buy groceries for the week. I didn't think they'd want to take them, but I guess when you DON'T do your shopping with two in tow all of at the time, it's fun to have them along. So, the kids got out with Grandma and Grandpa to the WalMart, Daddy took a long run and I sat reading by the pool. It was a blast :) Most of break I spent reading an "informative" book from my favorite parenting guru, James Dobson. This one has been particularly insightful in raising Kayleigh, "The New Strong Willed Child." At any rate, I had some time to myself and they crew came back about an hour and a half later. We immediately did some swimming ...










And had a picnic lunch on the pool deck









As soon as the kids were tucked into bed, we went back out to "enjoy" the pool in solitude. God chose this moment to bless Florida with some extra rainfall (according to the weathermen down there they are in desperate need of some). So, we read/napped (okay, mostly napped) inside. Kayleigh woke quickly and Daddy took her to the park. She came back with a soaking wet bottom, but lots of stories about her fun at the park. After dinner, we decided it was time to head to Downtown Disney. Both kids have been there before (Benjamin was 11 months and Kayleigh 2.5), and Kayleigh STILL talks about this place every time we mention going to any "Downtown." So, we knew they'd love it. We did NOT anticipate just how much nagging would happen ... at every turn ... but, I suppose that's exactly what is to be expected when Disney products are at eye level EVERYWHERE you turn. At any rate, Benjamin found the souvenirs he wanted from Grandpa and Grandma (More Cars toys that he carried with him for the 7 straight days that followed, including as he slept) and Kayleigh found, everything.











As we meandered through Downtown, the kids had plenty of willing riders for the kids rides that were available. Daddy took them both aboard the kiddie train and then Grandpa and Grandma each took a child on the ever popular carousel. It's tough to tell who is enjoying the experience more, the adults or the kids.


















One thing we did NOT manage to find last year, in our trip to Downtown Disney, were the incredible Splash pads all over the marketplace. What a genius idea to have a play area where they kids can run and be enthralled while the adults spend their money in peace ;). While my mom and I were doing just that, we sent the boys and Kayleigh out into the open air to find some space to run. When they did, they came across this little gem ... which became Benjamin's favorite part of the entire trip (except for, of course, those cars!!!). Ben got completely soaked from head to toe during his enjoyment of this venture, but I definitely did not mind). Seeing the joy this simple delight brought him (and they extreme joy he brought random passersby) was worth getting his "nice" clothes completely soaked. :) These pics don't capture half of the smiles because people literally stopped and laughed and giggled because Ben's happiness was so contagious .. oh that we all possessed that same gift (that of making others happy because we can't stop being joyful ourselves).











After so much fun packed into one Saturday, you'd think they came home and went straight to bed ... not exactly ... :) It took them a little time to discover just how to sleep in their new home. BUT, they certain had plenty of exercise/ways in which to tucker them out. AND plenty more excitement ahead of them!