Spring Break - Sunday

by Kristi Van Dyk in

After a late evening at Downtown Disney we thought the kids might sleep in (FALSE)! They were up by 6:30 (not that I let them leave their room) and ready to go. So, after breakfast, Steve and I took them to the playground that is part of the complex we rented from. They enjoyed playing/climbing and generally getting their energy out.
















It was apparent to us, immediately, that our kids were not used to the Florida heat. Normally a trip to the park in Michigan could last upwards of an hour. They NEVER want to leave. They made it about 30 minutes in early morning sun before asking to go home to go swimming. So, we left to head back and spend another afternoon by the pool. The kids swam, again, this time with Kayleigh getting REALLY brave and trying to paddle across the pool with a noodle AND swimmies. (This girl is VERY cautious and careful and doesn't do anything she isn't 100% certain she can completely accomplish). So, we were so proud that she was willing to let us let go over her! Kudos to my mom for coaxing her into this progress!

After some good naps, we hung around the house until bedtime. The kids took a while to fall asleep, but once they did Steve and I tried to go out for ice cream. We were seriously unsuccessful as the local ice cream place closed at 9:00 p.m. (and we arrived at 9:05). So, we settled for McFlurries and went back to the house to read in peace and quiet before bed.

It was a largely "uneventful" day, but on vacation with little ones, it seems fitting to have one or two (or more) of those low key days ... Besides, it was during our ice cream date that we tossed around the plan to try out Typhoon Lagoon! We had casually mentioned wanting to take the kids to a water park while we were planning this visit. BUT it wasn't economically critical to buy the tickets in advance (and two-day multi-park passes were not that much cheaper than two one park, one day passes). So ... rather than force ourself to use it if the kids weren't up for it, we decided to "buy on the fly." With temperatures for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the upper 80's, low 90's, we didn't think we could really go wrong with a water park. So ... that evening we took a big breath and decided it was time to try it out ...