Life’s Blessings

by Kristi Van Dyk in ,

As I'm getting prepared for my 34 week appointment with the OB, coming off a very poor sleeping night, I'm slipping into one of those "mad at the world" stages. You know the kind where every inconvenience sends you into its own separate spiral of "life is so unfair." You realize you're being ridiculous and so stupid, but you just don't care. Since I don't really care to dwell on these thoughts or ruin an entire day by focusing on all the "negatives" I'm going list them, get them out ... and then focus on the blessings instead. My stupid, trivial gripes Despite my best attempts at exercise and a balanced diet I have exceeded the weight gain from my first pregnancy! My feet are swollen Sleep is nearly impossible with this giant belly I ache all the time (back, hips, legs, FEET) My toddler is choosing now go through her terrible two's (yesterday we had 3 temper tantrums lasting in almost 20 mins each, accompanied by some of her first spankings) I don't have energy to keep up with the housework that little Kayleigh CONSTANTLY creates, much less make headway on my work for $$.

The Blessings God gave me that make those seem ridiculous * Baby Boy __________ - a clean bill of health for him so far, he's getting to the point where he responds to Mommy (Kayleigh used to "snuggle her little body into my hand when she felt me. ____ does the opposite and squiggles away, pretty sure he's not gonna be the snuggler that she was), I will only have 6 more weeks until I can hold him with my arms!, he's a treasure given to us from God who will enrich our lives daily ...

* Kayleigh - is growing into a little person a little more each day!! She is so verbal! She understands almost everything Mommy says and, usually, follows instructions VERY well. Her favorites include: eating Ritz crackers (it's usually the first word out of her mouth each morning), drinking juice, shaking her head "no," sitting on big girl couches and big girl chairs, being independent, doing ANYTHING that Mommy does (see picture below), swinging a tennis racquet, chasing balls of all kinds, "reading" books to Mommy, watching t.v. (for about 10 minutes at the most because she can't sit still longer than that), emptying out every cupboard she can find, giving herself baths (without water), talking to her cousin, Ryan (who isn't even usually there), and following Bri around constantly.

* Steve - my patient, loving husband who senses in an instant when he needs to "take on dinner" or take Kayleigh on an errand so Mommy has 10 minutes alone, who never complains (and even offers more often than not) about hunting down whatever food I crave, who works odd hours (like 5 a.m. to 3 p.m.) so I can assist with tennis matches without my daughter tagging along, and gets Kayleigh when she does cry at night because he knows how difficult it is for me to get out of the pillow pile, past the cat, and into K's room without killing myself :)

Yeah, I've got plenty to be thankful for and not many long term gripes ... :) Now it's 8:04 and sunshine is up, flicking her fan/light on and off, on and off and repeating to herself each word ... Click .."OOOONN," Click "OFFF," Click "ONNNN," Click "Off...." MOMMMAAA ... and it repeats again. I think it's time for breakfast :)

[caption id="attachment_142" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="Anyone studying my mother's photo albums will see a striking resemblance here ... "][/caption]