Little Lessons

by Kristi Van Dyk in

I decided this morning during my usual "blogging time" that I had nothing to say. We had a crazy busy weekend getting the house ready and prepped for Jr. But that made for very little bloggable fun. I mean, no one really wants to hear about all of my window washing and room cleaning craziness that has since completely knocked me flat, rendering me relatively useless for other tasks :) (Much less finishing the insanely thorough job I began  ... oh well, maybe this coming weekend ...) :) And no one needs to hear me whine about Kayleigh's awful temper tantrum during Sunday brunch, or her horrible nap schedule following the incident, her waking nearly every hour on the hour all night long, and her massive yeast infection (again). So ... that led me to believe I had nothing about which to blog. UNTIL ... kiddo woke up. Despite her pathetic sleeping schedule yesterday, going to bed almost a full hour later than normal, awful night of sleep, and early wake up ... She was a gem this morning. I can't resist sharing all of the "little moments" that made my morning oh so priceless:

- Kayleigh woke, hugged her mommy, and, after her diaper change, ran straight to her breakfast chair. She said "fast, Momma fast." Indicating she would like her breakfast right away this a.m. (sometimes she waits a bit to wake up completely). She ate very well ...

- We are working on NOT throwing unwanted food on the floor and this a.m. she demonstrated excellent mastery of this by saying, "All done, Momma" and placing each piece of uneaten toast and all bits of leftover Cheerios on the serving plate.

- After she got down, she tore off to her room to put in her "pretties" (aka her strawberry barettes from Aunt Alaina) before running back to clean up the "tash" in the living room. She threw away a few scraps of paper from the floor, the box from Sarah's present left out, and some packing waste.

- She helped me with the laundry (selecting all of her clothes from the dryer and placing them gently back in her hamper for hanging and folding)

- Kayleigh now says her own name (ya - yee is what it sounds like) and she and I have this game where I get down on the floor with her, crawl towards her and say, "Mommy ..... Loves .... Kayleigh" and then attack her with kisses. Usually by the time I change my position and tone she knows what we're doing and promptly lays down ready for the onslaught. Today before I even said "Mommy ... " she SCREAMED "YA-YEEE!!! YA-YEEEE" and laid down giggling for her tickles and hugs ... I smiled. At least she knows at this stage in her life that Mommy loves her.

- She proceeded to snuggle up on my lap and watch the "coupon clipping" segment on the Today show while snacking on her leftover toast (and determinedly trying to share some with kitty ... "Kttt ...toast...mouth ... KTT toast...mouth."

- We listened to music in her room, where I had to wear the "glasses" because she was wearing the "pretties" and she brushed my hair and danced to music while teaching herself a new word "holes..." (She was quite disturbed by the holes in Mommy's (Daddy's really since all of Mommy's tshirts are too small) tshirt).

- Then after another load of laundry, Kayleigh snuggled up and let me read the "Going to Bed" book with her, where she chimed in on a few pages, "BATH!!!" ... "TEETH" .. and "NIGHT NIGHT." Then when I said it was nap time she slid off my lap, grabbed her blanket, said "Mommy ... up" pointed to her room, and her pacis, smiled and said "Papa ..." She happily took it, laid down immediately and said, "Momma night night ..."

I love my toddler so much ... and sometimes she makes being a mommy the MOST fun in the world. Her communication skills grow each day and that makes the bond we have stronger as we learn to share different things. :) I can't wait until she meets her brother and learns to bond with him as well. I am truly blessed.

Thanks for letting me rave about my smart little peanut ... I think I'm going to use her nap time to catch up a little myself. That way I can enjoy the beauty of the day when it's time to coach starting at 3:00.

Hugs, Kristi