“Patience and Progress”

by Kristi Van Dyk in

I was at small group last night and (don't worry I will reveal nothing of others' confidences) it came to our turn to ask for prayers. We offered a few suggestions of other things, but when it came time to talking about the baby's birth I just didn't know how to pray. On the one hand, I know that I'm just under 4 weeks from my due date. So, I'm still not even to term. It's not fair to be wishing this child out. On the other hand, the contractions have been almost incessant for nearly 4 days (sometimes going rhythmically and giving me false hope). They've become painful now, not just tightening ... so my doctors keep assuring me (once a week) that it will be soon. Steve's packed his labor bag. Kayleigh's stuff is semi-packed, but I can't seem to bring myself to be hopeful enough to pack my bag. I expressed all of this to my small group and then said, "I don't know how to pray ... perhaps you can find the words." Ben, one of our leaders said, "How about patience and progress." It's alliterative and I like it ... Patience and progress is my motto for the week.

At last check up I had made progress, good progress ... I just need to pray that it continues and the Lord gives me patience. So, any of my praying friends who read my blog ... perhaps you could pray for the same. I'm determined to not let impatience force me into what Robin and I call "the walk of shame." In other words, I will not call a babysitter, drop off my daughter, convince everyone it's time, only to be sent home. I spent way too long at the hospital the last time for that to be happening to me :) ...

On a completely different note, this week is crazy busy. Today we finish off the GK Tournament (two rounds this afternoon and evening should make a for a long night), Tuesday is a dual against Battle Creek Pennfield, Wednesday we have a dual in Mattawan, and Thursday is our 2nd of just 4 home matches against Galesburg. I'm not sure where in that line up is time to birth a baby boy ... maybe Friday would be best since we have no tournaments this weekend :)

Well, Kayleigh is still hanging out in bed (she was a VERY tired girl after all of her time with Grammy and Grandpa C this weekend; they kept her busy!), and I'm going to get in another load of laundry before she wakes.

Thanks, friends, for your thoughts and prayers. Kristi (and Steve, and Kayleigh and Baby Boy) :)