Progress … on two fronts

by Kristi Van Dyk in

I wanted to combine some cute little Kayleigh learnings with the progress on Baby Boy V.  So, I think, in light of the theme for the week "patience and progress," I can update you all on progress with both of my children. Kayleigh: Woke up this morning (after a rough night) very conversational. She wasn't super patient but she was quick to verbalize everything she wanted (something I'm encouraging as opposed to whining and pointing). These are the words she used all morning long: Toooast, more juice (say please) pwees, more isic (that's music), tee-tee (t.v.), FISHY!!!, dipper (I think that was diaper and she actually wanted it changed!), A BOOK!, bush (brush), pitty (pretty after she pretend applied all of my makeup), TASH (as she cleaned up all the dryer sheets left from putting away laundry, MOMMAAA (when I was trying to work on add.a.lingua and not playing with her), baby baby baby (as she waddled around the house ... I think she's anticipating something too), and my personal favorite "Mommma ... momma ... MOMMMAAAA (yes, Kayleigh), kiss (puckered lips running in my direction)."

She managed to grab my iPhone, bring it to the bathroom sink (where it sits to play music and entertain her while I shower), and run back to me saying MORE ISIC ... MORE ISIC ... MOMMAA ... ISIC!!

All morning long my little helper, read books to me, played with her computer (because Mommy was playing with hers too), and generally exerted so much independence.

I can't believe how fast she grows; each day she learns something completely new and shocks us both with it. (Like yesterday she walked outside to go for a car ride with Daddy and decided that, since Mommy grabs Rice Krispie treats from the box on the way out of the house, she should too. She stopped, picked on out and took it along for the ride). Earlier that day she watched as Mommy had pulled water bottles out of the bulk carrier before entering the house, so she now does the same, helping herself to a bottled water on the way in ... She learns so much each day ... I love it.

Baby Boy: Is now over 36 weeks and just a few days short of being a full term baby. The doctor checked Mommy out and there is a fair amount of progress. I'm further dilated than I ever was with Kayleigh prior to labor (probably a good thing since her labor took 24 hours) and I'm fully effaced. The doctor was able to touch the little man's head today and he promptly squiggled up towards Mommy ... I don't think he's quite ready to make his appearance yet :) ...

The prayers for patience are working well. I'm not wallowing in self-pity, simply preparing as best I can for whatever I can :) ... It's great that tennis is keeping me busy. There's no time to sit around and think about it when there's so much to do. Speaking of so much to do ... I should go hang those diapers on the line ... :)