So good …

by Kristi Van Dyk in

There were times this past winter when I thought I would go insane with another day of nothing on the schedule! I'd make up reasons to go out or come up with excuses to visit Steve. I told myself when the weather got better I'd be content to take walks, go the park, or just hang around in the backyard. Springtime, with tennis, hasn't quite given us that luxury. We're outside plenty (evidence by my daughter's bleaching hair and my overly tanned face), but it's not usually time for Momma to focus on Kayleigh. This week we had a tournament on Saturday followed by a busy Sunday, tennis matches Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. For Friday, Coach Ipema gave the girls "practice off" (after their 3 mile run). Kayleigh and I couldn't be more excited about a free afternoon. We're both free to take two naps today (and I'm sure we both will!) and to run errands and not be constrained by practice times. (Don't get me wrong ... I love the team, and I love being there ... I wouldn't want it any other way; it just makes for difficult days sometimes).

BUT, today ... we have NOTHING on the schedule, and this weekend I've planned to finish up a bunch of work that needs to happen before May 7th with add.a.lingua and then I'm going to sit back, sigh and wait some more for this baby to come.