The Unsung Hero

by Kristi Van Dyk in ,

I have spent a lot of time blogging/bragging about my baby girl; I've bemoaned my status as "still pregnant," but I haven't taken time to talk about the reason it all holds together. Mostly, I'm careful not to embarrass my husband; he's always been the kind to step back and support me while I took center stage. It's been that way since we met, really. But, regardless of what he thinks, he deserves credit too. Let me recap a few highlights and then explore the latest, that sent me over the top :) ... (1). When I was teaching/coaching/parenting a 4-6 month old girl, my husband did whatever it took to allow me to try to "balance" all of the elements of my life. Even though that meant that he rarely saw me, almost always had the baby, and literally never got dinner prepared by someone else (unless of course he called Applebee's to pick it up). (2). When I decided that I wasn't satisfied with that lifestyle and wanted to quit my job, he supported me knowing that now all financial responsibilities rested solely on him (though he was glad to give up the daycare bill). (3). When, 4 months after I quit teaching, I decided I wanted to work from home, he supported that (despite that it meant a few working Saturdays and some days where he took personal days to watch Kayleigh). (4). He (with help from Robin) convinced me to stay on another tennis season because he knows how much I LOVE coaching, despite the fact that he still has to make sacrifices (like getting up super early to work a 5 a.m. to 3 p.m. so he can be here to watch Kayleigh on match days), and still rarely gets a dinner he doesn't prepare. (5). He immediately drops all he's doing to get whatever craving I feel like I "need" at the moment (i.e. No, I wasn't hungry at dinner time, but now I want a double cheeseburger ... Slurpees arent going to cut it, I want SONIC ... CHOCOLATE baby .. .CHOCOLATE, of ANY KIND ... just CHOCOLATE!) My personal favorite was this past Saturday: I cooked dinner for Steve and Kayleigh but didn't make any for myself because I had a late lunch. No sooner did we get Kayleigh in bed then I was hungry. He said, "What's it gonna be?" When I didn't hesitate and simply said Dairy Queen, he returned, no questions asked (not about nutritional value or what the baby SHOULD have), with a Mint Oreo Blizzard that he waited in line for for at least 20 minutes.

Those are reasons enough, but last night he outdid even himself. We were walking, and he took one look at my legs (as if he was seeing the "tree trunks" for the first time). He said, "Your poor legs. Tonight I will be helping you with a pedicure. After baby is in bed, during The Apprentice ... it's happening." I really didn't believe this because honestly, he doesn't like getting his hands dirty (at all!) and I have disgusting feet (even when I'm not pregnant). After the summer I worked as a lifeguard for approximately 40 hours a week, I haven't been able, no matter what I do, to get rid of the plantar warts (They've been cut out, burned, frozen, everything and they keep coming back). True, disgusting confession ... Nevertheless, my husband spent at least an hour exfoliating, soaking (in mint foot scrub), massaging and then ... the crowning jewel ... polishing ... my feet/toes. I wear sandals almost constantly now (because its all that fits with the swelling) and as I look at the giant clubs attached to my "tree trunks," I see the dark purple polish and know that my husband loves me. It sorta makes the extra "work" I feel like I'm doing carrying this baby worth every last step.

If I had known I was marrying such a keeper when he spent a year chasing me around in college, I wouldn't have made him wait so long ... He promised me then, he'd never stop chasing me ... he's been true to his word. I just hope I can be as true to mine ...

*** This unabashed show of love/emotion isn't in my character. So, just so you all know it really is describing Steve and Kristi, let me add the comment that sent me laughing uncontrollably. This is from Steve, during the pedicure, "It's a good thing I love you. (Why? 'Cuz my feet are nasty?). Because you have no discernable ankle, heels that are cracked and bloody, and more warts on your one foot than I have fingers on my right hand!"

There you have it folks, a great picture of love :)