Oh Where is My Chocolate??!

by Kristi Van Dyk in

3 days ... 3 days ... That's all Little Boy Van Dyk has before he will surpass his sister for amount of time spent inside the womb. For all of the assurances my doctors gave me that he would be early, he has certainly NOT lived up to their expectations. And Mommy thinks perhaps the doctors reassurance that she'd see her baby "soon" (over 4 weeks ago) was just a cruel joke. Today's appointment was less than encouraging by way of progress. The midwife I saw left the room with a cheerful, "see you next week." (Not the usual, "we'll probably see you at the hospital, but schedule a 1 week before you leave just in case.") I know that babies come entirely on their own timetable, so I really shouldn't put too much stock in predictions one way or the other ... I just never imagined that my 2nd would take longer to "bake" than my first! Anyway, I came home from the doctor more depressed than is usual for me. So, I straightened up the house in a flurry of energy (Kayleigh was down for her a.m. nap), started a load of diapers, and then was going to dive into the Little Debbie fudge brownies I have become obsessed with as of late. However, the brownies were gone (I can't blame anyone but myself as I'm the only one that eats them) as were the Swiss Cake Rolls. I already devoured the chocolate related Rice Krispies in Kayleigh's box of treats, so that leaves ... potato chips??!! It's not an adequate substitute when trying to console oneself. Oh well, at least my favorite nephew is coming over today :) He and his mom always find a way to make even the sad days BRIGHT and CHEERFUL.

I'm going to try and wrap my head around May 23rd as my actual due date now ... not early May (like my dr had said a month ago), that way I can stop getting angry each morning that I wake up and am still pregnant :) ... Anyway, time to just go enjoy the peace and quiet that will all be over soon enough.