My Monday Mother’s Day :)

by Kristi Van Dyk in

My husband took me out to dinner; my toddler waddled into the living room on Sunday morning with a new picture frame and a collage of photos that Daddy made. As soon as she handed it to me, she named every person in the pictures and then gave Mommy's face a big kiss. It melted my heart because it was so unprompted. I have a sweet year 1 album of my precious child that my mom made for me ... in general, I was quite spoiled on Mother's Day. This morning, though, on Monday, when everything has returned to the routine: the dishwasher is running, there are heaps of clothes in the washer and the dryer... this is when my baby girl decided she wanted to express her thoughts to Mommy. My little squiggle squirm doesn't give snuggles without prompting; she's too busy doing everything. She doesn't love being carried or held really, ever. Now that walking is so effortless, she wants to do it all of the time. This morning, I don't know if it's the overtiredness that comes from two family get togethers, or shortened naps and night time teething that made her snuggly, but, whatever the case Mommy got all kinds of love this morning ...

It began after breakfast when she wanted to sit in the rocker with her blanket on her lap and watch "tee-tee." She usually does this, with her head in my lap for less than 5 minutes before wandering off to get something to eat or play with. This morning she snuggled for at least 10 minutes, enough to watch a segment on cosmetic procedures (eww), but followed it up with an unusual request. "Up, Up. Mommyyyyy Up." I hoisted her up over the belly and she snuggled right into my shoulder. She gave me a kiss and pinched my cheeks (I honestly don't know where she learned that because I don't pinch her) and returned to a rocking/cuddling position for another 10 minutes.

After a quick detour to the pantry for some Cheerios, she went to her room, asked for music, laid on her big girl bed and listened to a little Phantom of the Opera with Mommy. She let Mommy sing the "Think of Me" song, and she just watched her fan turn round and round and patted my leg in rhythm. When Mommy finally got the clue that it was time to try a nap (even though she'd been up for less than 1 hour), I suggested it. She crawled herself up and deposited her head on my shoulder and said, "Nigh nigh."

After I forced myself to put her in the crib (I held her as long as her baby brother would tolerate it ... 10 minutes maybe), she grinned at me on the way out, waved, and said, "I love you, Mommyyyyyyy."

Sigh ... 18 months old today ... can I freeze her here? She's just so precious and worth every second of the arduous labor she put me through. My only complaint is how quickly she's growing. Each time I turn around there's a new word on her lips, a new skill in her library of tricks, a new "precious moment" to cherish. Oh well, I suppose those are the simultaneous joys and aches of being a Mommy. You love it because it's happening and want to cry because you understand just how quickly it goes.

I love you, Kayleigh ... more than you'll ever understand (except of course, as my mom used to tell me, until you have kids of your own).