Kayleigh Lately

by Kristi Van Dyk in

So basically, these past few days my daughter has been making me roll on the floor laughing. I couldn't pick a favorite incident if I tried. Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds and she's experimenting with that. Therefore, it's impossible to predict whats going to come out of her mouth at any given moment. I've been trying to snap pictures of each of these "funny" moments so that I can remember to blog about them. I'm sure these are things a mother looks back on fondly ... so I wanted to capture them all. As it is I know I've forgotten some already. BUT ... without further ado, here are the ones I was able to "remember." As a side note, Kayleigh has learned that she needs to (a) remove her paci when the camera comes out (b). it's about HER (c) smile wide and say cheese. So, when I say, "I'm going to take your picture," she follows the procedures automatically and these are the results.

Picture #1: Kayleigh's Night O'Fun (WARNING: THIS IS GROSS!!!) This story is best told in dialogue format. Steve: Say goodnight, Kayleigh. Kayleigh: NIGHT NIGHT Momma (followed by the queen wave). NIGHT NIGHT BENNY (still waving as she goes around the corner). Me: WAIT .. Steve, are you putting her to bed without pants on? (insinuating that this wasn't a good idea as Kayleigh has the tendency to remove her own diaper). Steve: Yeah, it'll be fine ... Me: OOOKAY (I've learned it's best not to argue and let him learn on his own when it comes to the kids. There's no point in telling him that my time with them all day usually makes me right). *** Passage of time ... approximately 30 minutes ... lots of joyful screaming and thumping coming from the bedroom. Steve goes in to the bedroom. Steve: NO NO NO KAYLEIGH NO! (a huge sigh ... screaming of a baby girl ... then a defeated sigh) You were right. I was wrong. Me: What does that mean?? Steve: Kayleigh took off her diaper and is flinging poop around the room. Me - Laughing hysterically for the next 20 minutes while Kayleigh runs bare butt naked around the house and Steve cleans up the mess.

Can you believe the trouble I cause?

(2). I was working on cleaning up the house on Monday morning and was unloading the dishwasher and changing a load of laundry. Kayleigh had been playing with her Mickey and Minnie Mouse and I thought she was thoroughly occupied. Once I had finished unloading the dishwasher and the laundry was restarted, I thought it odd that she hadn't joined me yet. So, naturally, I began to panic. It was just too quiet. I went looking for her and smacked myself inwardly when I saw that I hadn't closed the bathroom door tightly. (This usually costs me a roll of toilet paper). However, she was standing next to the toilet, muttering in gibberish to herself. She had a different pacifier in her mouth and had the toilet cleaning brush. She was rhythmically slamming the toilet bowl. As I got closer, I heard it wasn't gibberish, instead she kept saying, "CLEAN PAPI .... CLEAN PAPI ... COME ON ... CLEAN PAPI."  I don't know why it occurred to her that the toilet was the best place to clean the pacifier (maybe because we  clean diapers in there all the time??), but it had. Needless to say, we're down one paci ...

Cleaning my way

(3). Monday afternoon she was sharing chips with Bri. After Bri left, she put the remainder of the bag up on the dining room table, thinking that that would be far enough from little hands to avoid trouble. I started feeding Ben and let Kayleigh play around. While I was focusing on making some eye contact with my little man, I took my eyes off the big girl. She proceeded to climb up into my chair (narrating what she was doing the whole time ...) "CLIMBING ... MAMA SEAT ... CLIMBING ... MAMA SEAT", and grab chips "TOUCH CHIPS ... TOUCH CHIPS ... TOUCH CHIPS" then she slid down "DOWN ... DOWN ... DOWN" and grabbed the remote "MOTE ... MOTE .. MOTE", she turned on the tv (I have no idea how she knew which button), "TEE TEE", and sat on the pillow eating chips while singing "TITS, TITS, TITS (her best attempt to say chips). Here she is, vegging out (right below my feet as I feed Ben)

Eating my hard earned chips

(4). This morning I was working in the kitchen while Kayleigh was having her "treat." I needed to get supper preparation started before we headed to the store. Kayleigh could tell we were going somewhere (car seat was on the table already and her shoes were out), so she was really excited. She didn't want to miss anything, but she was really hungry. So, she dragged an upside down laundry basket into the kitchen (easily her favorite toy right now), then went back to the TV stand (her snack table) and grabbed her plate and milk and brought them into the kitchen. She had set up a table right next to where I was working. She couldn't miss anything now. I laughed at her creativity, but then she started saying, "Up ... " and she'd stand up as tall as she could "Down ..." and squat down as low as she could go. She kept repeating until I recognized her words (I had never heard her say these) then she proceeded to make her ups even higher, by jumping and her lows even lower, by laying on the kitchen floor ... She wanted Mommy to join too. So, for 5 minutes we did Kayleigh aerobics doing "ups" and "downs" while eating a snack.

My new snack table

Lest you think my baby boy is missing or gone ... let me give you a little Benjamin story too. Ben has been sleeping in his rocker since he came home. It's supportive but soft and cradles the head well. He LOVES it and can soothe himself to sleep in it, so we have hesitated putting him in his crib at all. He's not used to it and we have poor night sleeps as a result. So, I'm trying as much as possible to have him nap in the crib during the day so that the nighttimes will get better. Here's what Ben does when he's in the crib ... yup, no sleeping, just playing ... the entire time ... I also think he's starting to reach for stuff ... really? is that even possible at this age?

Playing in the crib

That's our little family ... Thanks for reading :) I hope it was worth a laugh for you!