Ben’s Smiles

by Kristi Van Dyk in

Wasn't it quite literally just two days ago that I was saying I wasn't sure of Ben's smiling ability? His mommy and his sister (I'm sure his daddy but Steve was working) were loving it. Kayleigh had the most precious gasp/surprise face when she saw it for the first time ... unfortunately, my video camera wasn't out. I had hoped I could capture it again, so I asked Ben to smile for the video - and tried to have Kayleigh kiss him like she had. Here's the result :) ... Still precious in its own right ... but not the same as it was unprompted. Kayleigh was repeatedly kissing the face of Ben that she could see on my iPhone instead of actually kissing Ben. So, that's the hang up you hear me narrating.

** IN un-related kid news, I'm totally happy with my new iPhone. (I got it at a very reasonable price because my contract was up for renewal, and Steve managed to sell my old iPhone for a great price too!) Thus, I now have HD video recording on my phone, FaceTime (which is video chatting with other iPhone users - and will come in handy when Daddy is gone for a week!), and dual-cameras that take pictures outward (like normal cameras) and also reverse to take a self portrait that you can see on the screen! It has a zoom lens also like my other iPhone didn't. I'm a HUGE fan already. (As you can tell by the increase in my posts with pictures and video on fb).

Well, without further ado ... here's the video (maybe it will transfer better here than it did on facebook).

Ben's Smiles 6-25