Kayleigh and Benjamin’s Fabulous Friday Fun

by Kristi Van Dyk in

The Friday forecast was supposed to be warm and not humid. Perfect weather for experimenting with my 5 week old outside and letting my 19 month old have a little summer fun. So, I planned to try a 2 nap day with Kayleigh, so her prime swim time would be free. Ben basically sleeps after eating anyway so he was flexible. Kayleigh cooperated by laying in her bed for 1 hour while I set up and fed Benji. Then she was ready for lunch, sunscreen and a suit. By the time we were all set to go (Mommy excluded; why did I need a suit?) :), it was 1:30. We walked outside and I went to settle Benjamin in his canopy, where he pretty much chilled the entire time. He was awake, looking around and "talking" but he never complained. Benji playing in the cabana in the backyard

Once Ben was all situated and content, I started about getting Kayleigh interested in the pool. She was a little scared (probably didn't fill the pool early enough to let it warm). Despite the fact that she's been swimming before, she's always cautious again. She did that at the hotel pool last week too. She flips out about getting started and then, she eventually has a great time. So, here she is checking things out (still in her cover up ... Suit and Cover Ups from Sam's Club??? I thought it was sooo cute).

Checking out the new pool

When it looked like she was comfortable with the water in the pool, I tried the sweet spraying duck atop the pool ...

Kayleigh checking out the spraying duck

She finally got into the pool (with no small amount of convincing on my part). It took a monumental effort to get her to sit down. I tried coercing her, talking with her, splashing, everything I could. Nothing was going to work. Finally, when I had about given up she said, "Mommy ... sit." Since I was already sitting I told her so. She laughed and said "No .. No... Mommy ...sit" and pointed to the water. She was pointing out my hypocrisy ... at 19 months! Why should she sit if Mommy wasn't going to get her butt wet too. I was so impressed with her that I did sit ... without a suit, in my gym shorts. It was most uncomfortable and I sagged quite a bit while trying to move stuff back inside, but I'd do it again for that little face :)

Finally sitting in the pool

One moment when I was off talking to Ben, little sunbather stole my chair and wouldn't get out. All I had to do was threaten to take a picture and she went scampering :)

Stealing Mommy's chair

After all of that climbing, splashing, talking, and playing, Kayleigh asked to go inside. I hosed her down outside, plopped her naked in the breezeway (with a towel) and got Benji inside. While he chilled on the floor, we got K all warmed up and cleaned up. Here she is with her snack, just chillin in the glider while I folded diapers and got Ben's bottle ready. She's now in her room refusing to nap in the bed. I've picked her up off the floor 3 times now and have just about given up ... it's just a nap and just for a few minutes :) ...

This is my tired face ... I'm headed for nap #2

Here's her video ... Swimming 6-25