Day 5 – Last night with Grammy and Grandpa

by Kristi Van Dyk in

Ahhh, well, it was a beautiful week … today just happened to be a little on the wet side. Kayleigh still managed to have an amazing day. She went to play group in the morning (and we solved a mystery we’d been having … Kayleigh always seemed to be eating/drinking something when I picked her up, but all the other children had moved on. Today I came and the whole group was watching a Veggie Tales movie and there’s Kayleigh, sitting at the snack tables all alone, eating goldfish and drinking juice, while dancing to the Veggie Tales music … I asked the workers what was going on … “Oh she’s just having seconds … or maybe thirds…” HAHAHA I can hear it all now the rest of the 2 and 3 year olds are fine moving on to a movie while my 19 monther says, “MORE JUICE, MORE CACKERS … MORE JUICE, MORE CACKERS) HAHAHA oh Kayleigh …

After nap time Mommy and Grammy took the kids to the mall, thinking that a little trip out would be good for both. Well, it was fine for Kayleigh but Benjamin just wasn’t settling down (in fact he napped in less than 30 minute stints all day long!!!). We had an early dinner and had some serious fun in the evening. Here’s some pictures and videos detailing our afternoon and evening. I’m being lazy by not journaling it all, but I truly think the pictures/videos say it best (Plus it gives Daddy a chance to see the babies).

Kayleigh shows just how ready she is to go to the beach. Ready for the beach

Grandpa carried her over the dune Kayleigh and Grandpa

Kayleigh played in the sand with her beach toys

And then ran straight into the lake (and got a little scared) and ran back out Running in the Lake

During this whole time, Grammy had Benjamin (beginning his nightly colic session) in the Baby Bjorn to keep him calm.

After her dip, Kayleigh ran around some more. Here’s she turning “the hungry caterpillar” into a slide.

After our trip to the beach, we were too early for bath time. SO Grandpa had another idea. Let’s try a popsicle.

For awhile, Grandpa held it:

I sort of got messy anyway:

Then Kayleigh sort of took charge and ran with it…

Thanks for a great week, Grammy and Grandpa! It was really, really fun.