Daddy Gone – Days 3&4

by Kristi Van Dyk in

Wow, so our days are becoming quite routine out here (fun, but definitely similar to the day before). Nursery play group for Kayleigh in the a.m., naps for both kids (if Ben cooperates) and then pool time. Dinner and some kind of play (either beachin’ it or long walks, or playground) before baths and bed. So, a video for each … and then a little Benjamin update.

Benjamin was so smiley and happy, we had to take video for Daddy. So, here’s a little smiling: Ben’s Smiles 7-7

Kayleigh loved swinging on the swing set facing Lake Michigan … she knows how to say Lake but needs to learn that it’s not just a big “POOOOOL” … We’re working on it :) Here she is watching the “Poooool” and saying hi to Daddy. Kayleigh Swings 7-7

Now for the latest on our little man. Benjamin turned 7 weeks on Monday and decided to celebrate by developing SEVERE colic symptoms. I attributed the first couple of nights to simply “being in a new place.” By last night I was furious, so I called the doctor and was told that it’s most likely colic. I can come in when we’re home next week, but if it IS colic there’s not much we can do. We soothe, and rock, and keep him out of stimulating things late at night. We add gripe water AND we pray that it doesn’t hang on for 6 months, but passes quickly. I’m going to video him when he’s having a fit because I’ve never seen anything like it … Kayleigh would fuss but this is a new kind of insanity! Either way, based upon the doctors recommendations (and that of plenty of other blogger mom’s) I decided that during his fit tonight I’d use the Moby to soothe him. I’d heard it could calm even the fussiest colicky baby … So, in the middle of one of his biggest fits, I swaddled him in the Moby and … wonder of all wonders, he stopped! He gave me a few roars here and there afterwards but compared to the past 3 nights of 3+ hours of screaming, this was heaven on earth. Here’s the evidence … Ben, cashed out, in the Moby … best sight I could ever see at the end of a long day. (Thanks to my parents for all of their patience and support … I was not a pleasant girl these last few days!)

Benjamin (and Mommy) loving the Moby On the plus side, the colic has seemed to wear him out and he’s slept from 11:30 until 5:30 and 9:30 until 5:15 respectively. This makes him adorable and happy and sweet in the morning. Who could believe this face would torture his mommy and grandparents so thoroughly …

Pretending he's always this sweet ... At any rate, it’s past 11:30 and Ben is sleeping. I should rest while he is in case tonight we aren’t as fortunate. …