Benjamin's First Swimming Adventure

by Kristi Van Dyk in

So, we fail as parents at getting video of Benny's first swim. We have some pictures that Grammy took and some video from before and after ... And I must say the before video is quite hilarious. So, we'll work on future videos of him as he swims. :) Benny's Getting Ready Video Benny's First Swim

My favorite Getting Ready Photo

In the Pool with Daddy

Benny with Grandpa in the Lake

Just for the sake of MY remembering it, I want to record Ben's stats from his 2 month checkup: Height: 24 1/2" Weight: 14.1 lbs. Head Circumference: 42 cm Notes: Working on more tummy time to eliminate the "flat parts" on his head (He LOVES turning to his right and never his left), Get rid of this persistent thrush with another two weeks of antibiotics, continue working on his head/neck control which is getting quite a bit steadier! Enjoy his laughter and smiles.