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In keeping with embarrassing people we love (see "we miss our big Sis"), I thought I'd continue with a few other people who have really come to mean a great deal to my kids. Auntie Alaina and Cousin Ryan have been weekly playdates since Ryan was ... ohhh maybe about 3 months old. So, Ben's age, probably ... The kids have quite a bit of space between them for these playdates to really be about "playing" for them. (At least right now). As soon as Ryan starts walking (I'm guessing 1 month more, tops!), they will be totally about the kids playing together. BUT they've been an amazing reprieve from the lack of adult conversation the stay at home mommy gets on an average day. Alaina has become a GOOD friend, and someone I know I can trust and count on. Plus, I love being able to watch my nephew grow up with his cousins. I pray they'll stay close and that God will turn them into fast friends! Kayleigh has been saying Ryan's name since about ... oh ... April. But, she's been a little slower with Auntie. Just last week, my heart smiled because, without being prompted, she walked up to Alaina, said, "Auntie ... come help!" And she led Alaina over to the big exercise ball in the corner. I want my kids to love their family and feel comfortable asking them for help, so this made my heart smile :). Thanks Auntie Alaina for loving my kids so much :) ...

Here's a few photos (in addition to the one posted on 'Speechless Saturday') from the last playdate. Thanks to Auntie Alaina for sending them our way.

[caption id="attachment_433" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="Ruling the "roost" as the eldest cousin"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_434" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="I'm the baby ... at least for now ... "][/caption]

Thanks Auntie Alaina and Ryan for all of the fun! See you Thursday; I think it's time to swim again! :)