"More Dideo"

by Kristi Van Dyk in

Kayleigh loves herself. I mean, really, really loves herself. She loves seeing herself in pictures, but she ESPECIALLY love seeing herself on video. Whenever I'm sitting around doing nothing (or so she perceives it to be), she asks, "Momma, Dideo???" When I don't immediately respond by grabbing my iPhone, she will specify the video, "Momma, K slide dideo?" or "K sand ... K sand dideo." If she gets really desperate, she will grab my phone herself and attempt to find the videos. (She hasn't mastered that yet). If you're ever around my little one, and you happen to want to take video ... be sure you have the capability to show her afterwards. She will perform just about any trick for the camera, but she MUST be able to see it immediately. What would she have done in MY day and age when NO screens were affixed to video cameras ... :) hahahah Don't answer that, I know ... I know ... :) Anyway, here's "K Slide...." for your viewing pleasure. Kayleigh Slide at Maranatha

And by way of accountability - my first week of 10K training synopsis: 2 days on elliptical at 30 and 35 minutes respectively 1 - 3 mile run 1600 situps/bicycles/leg lifts/crunches 3 days off for serious recovery :) Total weight loss: 0 lbs.