Another day at the lake

by Kristi Van Dyk in

Steve and Kevin went to the University of Michigan practice this past Saturday. So, to avoid being alone on the weekend, I took the kids out the lake for time with Grandpa and Grandma. The weather was supposed to be cloudy and rainy, but it turned out GORGEOUS. When we arrived, both kids had lunch and tried to nap (only Benjamin succeeded in his endeavor). Then, we all went to the beach. Kayleigh enjoyed chasing seagulls with Grandpa. Seagull Chasing with Gpa

Benjamin enjoyed another bottle with Grandma underneath the deck. After time in the sand, more time on the  beach playground, and some treats from the poolside snack shack, Kayleigh found a toy she never dreamed existed. A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ball ... Yes, my daughter's two biggest loves merged together in one! The little boy to whom the ball belonged was gracious enough to share it with Kayleigh long enough for her to bring it to Mommy. "See Mommy!!! Mickey Mouse ball! Goofy, Daisy, Minnie, Mickey, Donald!!! Mickey Mouse BALL!!! Kayleigh take???" Grandma assured her that if she brought it back to the boy, she would go, immediately, to Meijers and buy one for Kayleigh. Kayleigh believed her, and we left IMMEDIATELY, to change and head to Meijers. All the way to the store, Kayleigh says, "Myyyy hers...get Mickey Mouse ball...Myyyy hers, get ball."

Here's the result

[caption id="attachment_509" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Holding her precious treasure"][/caption]

You can tell that she's seriously in love with this toy. In fact, after dinner, baths, and final diaper changes, we left to go pick up Daddy. When he was running seriously late, we stopped at Grandpa and Grandma Creswell's house (we had been at the trailer) to spend the night. Kayleigh REFUSED to go to bed, screaming and screaming and hollering until Daddy gave her the Mickey Mouse ball. She slept with it all night!

I'm pretty sure Grandma would say that was $3.99 well spent :).